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High Density Cartridge Heaters

High Density Cartridge Heaters

Anupam Electroheat's High Density Cartridge Heater can be considered "Component Heaters" that are used to heat up many different applications.

Low & Medium Density Cartridge Heaters

Low & Medium Density Cartridge Heaters

Anupam Electroheat’s Low & Medium Density Cartridge Heater is developed for heating applications not requiring high watt densities and sheath temperatures not exceeding 300°C.

Micro Tubular Coil Heaters

Anupam Electroheat’s Micro Tubular Coil Heater is a small, linear heating element that can be formed into different shapes and configurations.

Micro Coil Heaters

Micro Coil Heater is a high performance heater for smaller diameter Nozzles and Nozzle Tips that can also be formed in grooves to create three dimensional heating applications.

Mini Coil Heaters

Mini Coil Heater is manufactured in Two Standard Round Diameters of 1.5mm and 1.8mm.

Coil Heaters with Stainless Steel & Brass Casted Covers

Characteristics of our Inner Outer Sleeve Coil Heaters are easy mounting and variable heat distribution.

Flexible Tubular Heaters

Flexible Tubular Heaters

The Flexible Tubular Heaters is Anupam’s latest innovation for Heating Manifolds in the most efficient manner.

Manifold Tubular Heaters

Manifold Tubular Heaters

Anupam’s Manifold Tubular Heating Elements provide for an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. These elements are commonly used to fit into milled grooves for hot runner molding systems.


About US

Anupam Electroheat is one of India’s leading Cartridge Heater Manufacturer & Coil Heater Manufacturer having extensive and sound technical know-how along with world class facilities to produce the Coil Heaters & Cartridge Heaters.

We as Coil Heater Manufacturer & Cartridge Heater Manufacturer stand out from the market in terms of delivering the Quality & Efficiency which has led us to work with some of the biggest consumers of the Coil Heaters & Cartridge Heaters in the market having variety of applications.

With the use of the most advanced materials and technology designed in-house, we focus on delivering our best to our customers. We work seamlessly with our customers to integrate their requirements into designing of our Coil Heaters & Cartridge Heaters.

We also wish to have a strong footprint globally by competing with other Coil Heater Manufacturer & Cartridge Heater Manufacturer on a global scale.

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